Part One

A Flow Chart is available in  HTML or as Mind Map (Free Mind/.mm file)

The game begins with a dream where two people are arguing about what sounds like an ethical dilemma. After a moment they begin to involve the player, asking their opinion and forming responses based on it. This dream interaction forms the basis for the player’s avatar; their personality and dialog options, as well as their appearance.

When the dream ends the avatar wakes up in a dim city suspended in a chasm, where grey cement is actually a relief from the craggy rock walls. There are what appears to be thin membranes stretched over the sides of buildings for an unknown reason. The player begins in what appears to be a promenade of some sort, where they can explore the area at will, however almost no doors will be unlocked. The player will have to make their way down the promenade until they encounter a young woman in a rugged outfit suited to their terrain, holding what appears to be a report. She has no idea who she is or how she got there, and the player can converse with her to try to find out some preliminary information, setting up what the game will be about. She is the player’s first connection, which needs to be nurtured in order to access any further areas.

This woman is a very meticulous character, and she tells the player her theory that the amnesia keeps happening over and over, explaining that she has a journal that shows this to be true. She lets the avatar glance at her stack of papers, her journal as she calls it, and the player can see she is a very detailed note taker. She suggests the player start their own journal, and points out a book of some sort laying nearby that has a few pages ripped out. This is the start of the player’s journal, where any information found will be automatically written down and analyzed by their avatar.

The player can ask her where she woke up, it will be in an area further down the promenade than the player has explored. She takes the player to a square surrounded by taller buildings, and as the space is revealed to them suddenly the square blares to life. The membranes fill with brightly colored pictures, advertising a pill of some sort, blaring music and speech that rebound off the buildings and rock walls to become an unintelligible cacophony of sound. If the player looks around they can see the whole city is lit up like this, but it only last a few seconds before cutting out abruptly, leaving the city dim and grey once again.

The young woman directs the player to the lobby of a building, where she explains her theory that she has come out of this building, showing the player the notes she has taken on the back of what seems to be a report on various compounds that is too full of technical jargon to understand. Her book does indicate that she was trapped somewhere in a building; there are notes about where to find food and endless series of numbers that have no clear meaning. It seems as if she has gotten lost in there multiple times, only to forget that she has already explored the area and venture back inside again. She is meticulous in her note taking and has clear handwriting; the sentences are short and precisely phrased. Near the end of her notes she writes that she has gone into that building, there is nothing to find in there, and no matter what, to not go back inside.

It is up to the player to decide where to go from here. They can pressure her into going back inside the building, they can take her back to where they woke up and explore that area, or they can explore with her until they find a third area that leads away from both of the previous areas. Or they can do all three, in any order they wish.

If the player convinces her to go back inside the building, they can use her notes to try to get around the building; getting through locked doors, turning on emergency lights, searching around for information, anything the player wants to do. Any information they learn from her journal goes into their own for future reference. Inside the building it becomes clear that whoever worked here was researching something, although the avatar does not understand the jargon enough to interpret it. The player may be able to interpret enough to figure out that what was being researched were compounds and their hazardous effects on lab animals and even humans. There are areas in the building that the player will not be able to access at this time, but they will be able to see through enough glass walls to know that there is something out of reach that might shed some light on their situation. Being in the building and looking at information about materials makes the young woman uncomfortable and irritable, and when the player eventually realizes there is not much to do in the building, they will leave with help from her.

If the player decides, in the square, to show the young woman mercy by taking her to the place where they started the game, she will reward them. This area is a low area with quite a view into the distance, and into the sky, where the player can see the vast hanging city above them. However, all around the area seems to be under construction and completely locked, with no key in sight. When the player shows the young woman around, she reveals that she has a maintenance key that she doesn’t remember finding. Trying this key on several doors opens quite a number of them, revealing this key was probably a master key for this projects going on in this area. The key opens up front doors and common areas, but does not seem to open any doors that seem to be personal offices or living areas. If the player explores this area enough with the key, there is a series of doors to be unlocked that lead to the other side of the construction project. When the player and the young woman finally reach the exit, they discover what appears to be a massive apartment complex. This is the end of the first area.

If the player decides to explore the third option in that first decision of where to go, it leads to a long pathway that eventually ends up at the foot of a huge building. Around this area there is another character, an older woman, to interact or join up with. She does not seem to be taking notes, but she has an awareness of the area that might suggest otherwise. Depending on how the player interacts with the two women, and how they handle any situations that might arise, will determine if the player can get both women to join them in their journey, or whether the player will have to decide who to take.

This second building is very similar to the first, except there seem to be less entire specimens lying about, and more pictures and microscopes. There are many doors that have been propped open by someone, paper that seems to have been torn up, and through it all, a path that can lead high over the construction area by a walkway and ends down on the other side of it, which is also the end of the first area.